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Play Yellow 

Join Jack & Barbara Nicklaus by adding yellow to your golf event to show your support for children’s hospitals.

Why Yellow?

Jack’s love for yellow starts with Craig Smith, the son of Barbara’s minister and a passionate young fan in Jack’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, was diagnosed in 1968 with a rare bone cancer (Ewing Sarcoma) that would tragically end his life in June of 1971 at age 13. Jack would call him frequently, and during one conversation following a win, Craig said he predicted victory because he was wearing his lucky yellow shirt. Jack’s best Sunday on the course came in 1986 when he and Barbara picked out a yellow shirt one last time for Craig.  And who can forget what happened that Masters Sunday? 

Product Details:

The Pinnacle Rush is designed with proprietary high-energy core technology that produces fast ball speed for extraordinary distance on all full swing shots.

Rush uses an advanced icosahedral dimple design with 332 dimples to deliver a consistent, powerful ball flight, while its soft, durable ionomer cover provides great feel. Optic yellow. 

Sleeve of 3 balls.